Our teacher found this activity on Twitter. You have to hang up the same amount of balloons of however many days of school is left.After each day you pop one.We started with 16 balloons because there were 16 days left of school.Our teacher picks people by using ClassDojo and she does a random and who ever comes up gets a paper clip and pops the balloons.Our class thinks this activity is really fun For you teachers out there maybe this is an activity that you can let your class do!

We got to open our Motion and Design science kit.  We made our own Vehicles with KNEX building pieces.  We are going to test how our vehicle moves with washers.  Today we are going to continue with the vehicles. 


Today in class we played Damult Dice. The way you play is you have to roll the three dice you have at the same time with your 1 partner. Then you add two of the dice and multiply the sum times the other dice. You have to get to 300. Whoever does so wins! The class and I were quite giddy because the game was splendid. It was a lot of fun!

     These are our Tweeters and Techsperts. The Tweeters are the ones with the badges. They tweet what we've been doing in school. They also tweet the
Brain Pop Joke of the Day.

     The Techsperts are our tech-experts. They help us with our tech problems. Mrs. Mims found out about the Techsperts from her "Tweeacher" friends on twitter.


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