Today in school we had "Mixmatch Day! Most of the kids in the school wore different pair of shoes. Some kids wore stripes and plaid. This week is also Spirit week at Pleasantville. Today  "Mixmatch Day" was AWESOME!!!

by Ajhnae
Today was Fun Day!! Since you don't know about ''Fun Day'' I will tell you. Fun Day is about having fun and playing. What we do at Fun Day is we do water games, because it's nice and hot outside, relay races,and all kinds of stuff to do for fun instead of just sitting in the class room, Fun day is sort of like recess, but more extra time and more fun. It sure is fun when you're outside at Fun Day!!!!!! 

by Khalil
Hey this is the Philly Phanatic! He visited our school. It was because of Mrs.Jackson's class that he came.Their class read the most books in the fifth grade. Mrs.Alexander was reading the story and the Philly Phanatic was dressing Mrs.Alexander up. The Philly Phanatic was sad that nobody else was green like him.My class had a lot of fun at the show.

This is my ANGRY BIRD haircut!The person who did this was a relative in my family that is a barber.I got this haircut when it was my birthday, which is 6/3/02.It is the red bird.I got this cut in Wilmington. I got this because my barber was in a competition and I was a model and he used me so he can make the cut and he added a Fade to it. Everyone in my family loved it! This was the best haircut I had ever got! It is so Awesome!


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